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Friends of Kala Kendar


With the help of local musicians, music educators and the feedback from our customers we have gained knowledge and the specific requirements that went into the construction of perhaps some of the finest instruments available on the World Wide Web. Here are some of our current and past patrons,


tari-khan-2.jpgEd Hanley @ Kala Kendarmusic-musideumdonaldquan-1.jpg

     Ustad Tari Khan & Mohan Singh                                   Ed Hanley                                               Donald Quan


 hasu-patel-kala-kendar.jpg   jeff-martin-kala-kendar.jpg  marla-joy-kala-kendar.jpg 3159.jpg 

        Hasu Patel          Jeff Martin & Tea Party       Marla Joy                George Koller         

    kiran-ahluwalia.jpg   sukhwinder-singh-namdhari-kala-kendar.jpg       jonna.jpg 

         Kiran Ahluwalia                    sukhwinder singh              shahid parvez                    Jonna de Souza            

   artworks-000362626233-z48gov-t500x500.jpg   ritesh-das-kala-kendar.jpg

                       Tabla for Two                                                      Ritesh Das

   2019-09-05-gt-arts-and-culture-gary-diggins-tb-01.jpg   brenda.jpg   ann-marie.jpg

                  Gary Diggins                                            Brenda McMorrow                           Ann-Marie Boudreau