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About Us

Kala Kendar’s Music Warehouse was formed in 1992 to provide the local Toronto musicians access to authentic instruments out of India. 

The response was positive and encouraging; this was perhaps the birth of Quality Indian musical instruments available in Canada. 

With the help of local musicians, music educators and the feedback from our customers we have gained knowledge and the specific requirements that went into the construction of perhaps some of the finest instruments available on the World Wide Web. 

Whereas most music importers are focused on low quality-mass produce instruments, which instead of being playable instruments end up collecting dust due to inferior workmanship. Common problems were warped necks and slipping pegs on sitars; air leakages and out of tune harmoniums, cracked drum shells or improperly pulled and unbalanced drum heads. Our outlook is very different, we insist only premium materials to build our instruments, to withstand the various climate changes and still deliver only excellent tone quality. Instruments that have been built for us are designed to be appreaciated for their sound and beauty, we will not compromise this. 

Since the very beginning, Kala Kendar has inspected and played every single instrument before it has left our hands. Rest assured you will always receive an inspected and adjusted instrument by one of our very own knowledge musicians. We will not ship your instrument until we are completely satisfied, (see if any other dealer would offer that) rest assured we would rather send you something you like, rather than something you would want to return back to us.

Kala Kendar has continued to build on its success by offering its products and services to over 37 countries.