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MKS Signature 35 Scale Changer Harmonium

Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros.

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Same specifications as the portable version, just in a standard/cabinet style.  A premium Scale changer from Monoj Kumar Sardar is ideal for experienced musicians, who seek a high quality instrument with all extras and the largest range of functional possibilities for use in all kinds of different contexts.

Technical specification:

  • Triple copper reed system, Bass + Male + Female set
  • G#2 to E5 keyboard,  full size keys. 
  • Drones: 5(G#- A#- C#-D#-F)
  • Coupler: Yes, reverse facing 
  • Bellows: Multifold
  • Seasoned Teak wood cabinet
  • 28 lbs (12.7 kg) total weight
  • 24" x 14.5" x 11" (open)  dimensions
  • Includes a padded gig bag.