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Harmonium Standard (Blemished)

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A Classic well built Standard Harmonium, built to last many years down the line. Double reed system with 3 part bellows, the cabinet is made from pinewood, for a mellow tone with a long sustain. 

There's really nothing standard about this harmonium.  Designed in Canada, built in India.  It's about time we started creating instruments specifically for our North American customers.

Technical specification:

  • Double brass reed system, Bass + Male set
  • C2 to D5 keyboard, 39 full size keys. 
  • Drones: No
  • Coupler: Yes, forward facing 
  • Bellows: 3 part, center
  • Seasoned pinewood cabinet, natural stain/sealed. 
  • 16 lbs (7.4 kg) total weight
  • 22.5" x 12" x 9.5" (open)  dimensions
  • Includes a padded gig bag. 

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BLEMISHED: Cosmetic scratches/repairs on the finish (of the Instrument, result from shipping damage) The scratches/repairs are barely visible; this has no effect on the performance and playability of the instrument.  We will go the extra mile and send you out pictures of the actual instrument prior to shipping so you can approve the order, assuring that there will be no surprises. 

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