Harmonium Scale Changer 4 Reed PRO

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A beautiful well made Teak Wood harmonium designed for the professional   This harmonium is fitted with 4 sets of English reeds (Bass - Male - Male - Female, these are considered the best combination!). Smooth gliding keys, 13 Scale settings (F# to F#) are some of the fine details of this maker. The sound is clear and sweet, with a long sustain, these are just a few features which makes this instrument exceptional. This harmonium also features a coupler, true organ tone and soft touch keys. A padded gig bag is included with this instrument. 

A new class of Indian harmoniums.  Designed in Canada, built in India.  It's about time we started creating instruments specifically for our North American customers.

Technical specification:

  • Quad steel reed system (English),  Bass + Male + Male + Female set
  • Drones: 5(G#- A#- C#-D#-F)
  • Coupler: Yes, reverse facing 
  • Bellows: Multifold
  • Seasoned Teak wood cabinet
  • 39 lbs (17.7 kg) total weight
  • Includes a padded gig bag. 

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