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Gulab Pata KP Sitar - Traditional

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mw-215/6 traditional
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A Pro level sitar offered by a well established maker based in Miraj and in our humble opinion, it's a very impressive sitar. The string layout is kharaj pancham tunning, (Ravi Shankar style) which is 7 main plus 13 sympathetic strings.  Miraj sitars, especially the ones made by our private maker we feel have a very responsive & bright sound. This sitar comes complete with an optional padded gig bag or sitar HardCase, extra set of strings & mizrabs. You will not find a better value for money sitar anywhere, especially one that has been selected and setup by a professional. 

OPTION 3: This sitar has a traditional Calcutta dark mahogany finish, with a full bone bridge set. which has been done exceptionally well for this price range of sitars

IMAGES: Certified true image of the actual instrument, this is not a general stock photo.  We're keeping it simple, so you know exactly what you're getting! 

Several case options are available for this instrument, please select below. 

Please Note: Due to safety reasons we only recommend our customers selecting either case option, If you select the "No Case" option, we are unable to insure the instrument from any sort of shipping damage.