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Tanpura by Monoj Kumar Sardar

Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros.

¥98,909 - ¥108,922
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Made by Monoj Kumar Sardar in Kolkata for us. steel strings, guitar type tuners. Great jawari and a big sound! Comes with a padded bag. AVAILABLE IN BOTH MALE AND FEMALE VERSIONS

An important note for Monoj Instruments: Finishes are made using shellac and so are highly sensitive to heat and impressions, our policy on damage does not apply to minor finish problems.  An Indian instrument rarely leaves the hands of his maker without a slight blemish or 'birth mark'. 




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  • 5
    Clyde from New York

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2016

    Thank you very much mickey...I really appreciate your completing this order! Have a great day! I would like to reiterate how helpful you have been in helping me get a high quality instrument that I will respect and play!

  • 5
    Simply awesome!

    Posted by Sajoul on 31st Aug 2012

    I don't know why I never got this case earlier! If unsure how to use the case, please ask the Kala Kendar associates to explain how to drag this case without hitting your feet against it. A great product that has been designed to fall slanted and you hold the handle and simply drag it along so comfortably. I purchased the Dhol HardCase over a year back and it has served me really well. I added the Tabla Pro HardCase to my collection just yesterday and I love it already!

  • 3
    Durable, But has faults.

    Posted by Brandon on 11th Aug 2011

    I'll keep this short and sweet, well kinda, Don't get me wrong, This case was built durable to last during travel for years, You can tell by the materials. But what really made this bad is how it was designed to actually travel by hand, Sure it looks great and exotic. But is uncomfortable to carry around. The handles for it roll on wheels was put on the opposite side of where you would think it should be placed on top, in other words you can't roll this behind you without it hitting your feet, especially if your tall like me. You have to uncomfortably roll it on your side. So right now I only use the side handle to carry it around until I find a fix. So the case isn't so great. It's pretty clumsy. But the tablas in the other hand I bought with it, THOSE were amazing.

  • 5
    Great case, ITS SO LIGHT!

    Posted by Sean on 16th Feb 2011

    Great tabla case, I tour alot and I need a case that can hold up to abuse. Don't buy those Indian built cases you see all over the web and Ebay. Stick to HardCase, their designed to last and they weigh only 2 lbs! I've had mines for about 5 months now and its gone through 4 commerical flights, case stills looks good.