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Ranadhir Roy PRO Esraj

Monoj Kumar Sardar & Bros.

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This Ranadhir Roy esraj by Monoj Kumar Sardar is an exquisite instrument for professional demands in best quality of materials and workmanship. The extraordinarily full and dynamic sound and the melody range of 3 octaves allow for solo performance of all subtleties of classical Indian raga music. The overall length of the instrument is approximately 49" - 50". 

Compared to the traditional esraj, the neck is considerably lengthened and widened, the body is enlarged, and extended and opened to the back, the number of strings is increased, the bridge is redesigned and an additional resonator is attached to the top of the pegbox. This Deluxe Esraj was developed in the 1970s and 80s in Shantiniketan by Ranadhir Roy, probably the most important esraj player in recent history.

IMAGES: Certified true image of the actual instrument, this is not a general stock photo.  We're keeping it simple, so you know exactly what you're getting! 

Several case options are available for this instrument, please select below.  

Please Note: Due to safety reasons we only recommend our customers selecting the fibreglass case option, If you select the gig bag option, we are unable to insure the instrument from any sort of shipping damage.