Harmonium Model Sangeet (SPL) (Blemished)

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BLM km-OAYY/1935
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Built with similar spec's to our Rose Standard Harmonium, this instrument features a cedar wood cabinet.  A well built full-size, (3 1/2 octave) harmonium, designed to last many years down the line. Double brass-reed system with coupler & multi-bellows.  A new class of Indian harmoniums.  Designed in Canada, built in India.  Its about time we started creating instruments specifically for our North American customers.  

Technical specification:

  • Double brass reed system, Bass + Male set
  • C2 to F5 keyboard, 42 full size keys. 
  • Drones: 4 (C#-D#-G#-A#)
  • Coupler: Yes, forward facing 
  • Bellows: Multifold
  • Seasoned cedar wood cabinet, painted/stained. 
  • 24.5 lbs (11 kg) total weight
  • 24.5" x 13" x 11.5" (open)  dimensions
  • Padded gig bag is included.

BLEMISHED: Cometic scratches on the finish (of the harmonium, result from shipping damage) The scratches are barely visible; this has no effect on the performance and playability of the harmonium.  

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