Deluxe Tanpura - Monoj Kumar Sardar

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A new Tanpura from a well-established maker, Monoj Kumar Sardar. Aged premium mahogany (tun) wood. Fully carved and decorated in two-color penwork. Rosewood swirled pegs. Has a larger body than the standard tanpura, very resonant with a beautiful finish; definitely a cut-above most tanpura's in the same price range.  Comes complete with a padded gig bag and extra strings.  In-Stock and Shipping!


An important note for Monoj Instruments: Finishes are made using shellac and so are highly sensitive to heat and impressions, our policy on damage does not apply to minor finish problems.  An Indian instrument rarely leaves the hands of his maker without a slight blemish or 'birth mark'. 





(No reviews yet) Write a Review